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We are on the road which links the D16b from Grans to St Chamas and the D70 from Cornillon to St Chamas. The D16b end is on the Grans side of the railway bridge, next to the St Chamas railway station. We are on the right 2 km from the railway station, just after the large sign on the left marked "Ferme de la Cigalière". The Cornillon end is marked "Route Touristique, chemin de la Rabassière"; we are on the left 200m up the hill from the D70. The Mas is a large pink house in the middle of an olive grove, and the name is on the gate post.

Michael Frost
Mas de la Rabassière
2137 chemin de la Rabassière
13250 St Chamas
Phone : 0(033) 4 9050 7040
Mail :

GPS Coordinates : 5°03'31"E (5.06°) et 43°33'26"N (43.56°)

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